You Don’t Have to Fake It

There are too many posts stating, “suicide is selfish”, “they had so many resources around them”, or “how could they do this to their kids?” When someone believes that suicide is the only way to end their pain…that’s all they can think about. We all have unhelpful thoughts…some more than others. Our thoughts can make us or break us. Mismanagement of our thoughts is why we can’t stop overeating, drinking, abusing drugs, procrastinating, gossiping or whatever problem you can’t seem to solve. Stop judging others and use that energy to reach out to your loved ones.

How do we help? Stop pretending! We aren’t supposed to be happy ALL the time. We will experience positive emotions as well as negative emotions. And that’s ok! Stop resisting negative feelings. It’s part of the human experience. Talk about them with somebody, journal, exercise, whatever you do, don’t resist them.

How do we help? Normalize mental health. The same way you “check in” and give shoutouts when you go to the gym, spa, dentist, chiropractor, nail salon, beautician…check-in at your counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist’s office. Mental wellness is so important yet so stigmatized.

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