Are You Sleeping?

How do you experience everyday life? Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking of your never-ending to-do list? When is the last time you really stopped to smell the roses? Do you even notice the roses? You may be living in, what Steve Taylor Ph.D. describes as, a sleep state.  Many people struggle with this issue. It may be the reason for your depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, and any other negative states experienced. Now more than ever, we walk around with our heads and hands glued to our devices. We fail to unplug from technology, instead, becoming focused on social media, video games, and other internet happenings. When will we realize life is passing us by at an alarming rate? I challenge us all to act more like our preschoolers. They ask “why?”, they notice a “funny” shaped rock on a walk, and they notice the crack in a sidewalk. So let’s do it. Let’s wake up and smell those roses!